Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Back with a Lundby!

I am back online.  Unfortunately with no photographs that are up to date.  I am hoping to get this sorted soon but at the moment my camera is not wanting to link to my computer.  Typical eh?

I see that so much has been happening online and so I have lots to read through and search.  Boy am I looking forward to getting back to minis

My hubby bought me a 'vintage Lundby' dollhouse.  My new project.  And it is going to be so much fun as it involves me using a new scale.  16th!!

As soon as I am able to post pictures, I will.  If anyone has one of these houses, please let me know your link to your blog as I would love to see a Lundby house that is full of furniture.

I am off for now to see if I can figure out why my camera is refusing to upload the pictures.  Hopefully I will be back soon.

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