Saturday, 19 October 2013

Branching out

I have been looking at other areas of crafting recently but I am not finding it that easy to decide which to learn first.

Probably like others, I need to use the internet and books to expand my knowledge as I do not have friends or family close enough to pop round for advice.

One thing I had noticed is that most books seem to rely on you having access to a way of increasing the size of patterns rather than providing you with the correct size for you to trace.  Although the argument of cheapness can be made, I find it rather lazy of them... Ok, rant over haha.

I am starting to look more closely at cloth doll making (although minis will always be my first love).  If anyone can recommend any books, blogs or websites that are useful for beginners, your advice would be very much appreciated.

Sorry for the repost of this photograph of my tower, I am also having to replace my camera so I have no up to date pictures yet.  I am hoping to borrow a camera in the next few days so hopefully I should be back up and running properly by then