Friday, 29 March 2013

For your convenience

Before I get any further with what I have been up to, I wanted to show everyone a very special item that I have recently purchased.

Unfortunately, I do not know who made it.  There was no box or label.  I love it though.

I saw this outside toilet and knew I had to have it.  It is made of resin.  I haven't needed to touch it at all.  It is perfect just the way it is.

I love all the little details that are all round the outside and inside.  There is even a hole in the back pre prepared for lighting at a later point.  Something I think would be great for the future.
It is just waiting now for the right character to be found in here with a shocked look on his face.  Judging by the artisans that were at the Miniatura earlier this month, I should be able to find one next time I go there.  This building is just crying out for a more unique person I think.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shed Progress

I sorted out all the little items I had bought from the Miniatura for the shed.

All these were bought from Teepee Crafts.  I haven't used all these items yet, some need a bit of planning and extra gluing.

I must admit, next time I go to another fair, this is one of the stalls I would look for again for some of the small items.

I believe I bought these from Magsnificent Miniatures.  I know I bought a lot from this lady, she had so many lovely things some of the things I bought are going to live in the tower so I haven't taken a photo of them yet. I believe the garden sieve came from a different stall, apologies, I will find the name later... I am tutting at myself but there was so much to see and some of the items were not put in bags and I had to put things together so they didn't get lost.

And here is the shed so far...
I am finding difficult to add characters to my buildings.  I want there to be people in them to add a 'story' but, I haven't found the right ones yet.  I think when I see the right ones, I will know straight off.  I would like them to be handmade rather than mass produced because I think there is that something extra about items hand made that is just missing from mass produced pieces.

I bought the garden tools from a stall called Olde Charm Crafts.  They are lovely quality.  There are some in one of the drawers that you cannot see but, those who have read my blog before, know I like drawers and cupboards to be filled.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Fun, fun and more fun...

Well, even though the snow had me worried for a while, luckily the train service kept running and I made it to the Miniatura!

Wow, ok, well... I saw so much and there were so many talented people there.  I spent more than I thought but came away a very happy bunny indeed and totally spoiled myself and my daughter (who also spoiled herself with many minis).

I am not going to show all the photographs all at once because I would like to show what I have bought and where they are going to live and I am having to fit things in round real life.  When I first arrived back at home I just looked through all the items I had bought.

I decided that even though I still have not completed my other projects, I would start another one... but, this one had to be on a budget.  So I bought a shed.  I bought the kit from The Dolls House Builder.

I also bought some plain wood furniture for inside

 I bought the table from Jennifers of Walsall and I shall have to try and remember the name of the stall I bought the chair and unit from later.

I have been busy the last couple of days and here is how it is looking so far.
This is the shed with a basic coat (no glass in the window yet etc).  It may not look exciting yet but I have plans...
Here is the furniture stained but, as with the rest of the shed, in its basic form.  I need to make the furniture more shabby and add a cushion/padding to the chair.

I have lots left to do but, for tonight that is all as it is getting late and I have work tomorrow.

Cant wait till I can go again... although I think it will be next year at the earliest before I can afford it haha.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Impatiently Waiting

Well, not long now till the Miniatura this weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed the weather stays ok.  I have been a little concerned because they keep mentioning snow on the weather and that would make it difficult for travelling.  Oh my I am so impatient when waiting when I know I have such a lovely day ahead.  Impatience is not just for kids :)

I have been sorting out more mini items.  I have been surprised by just how much I have to sort through.  I am still feeling the excitement though.  
I love making bread with fimo, I find it so relaxing.  

These are my first attempts at making plates, bowls etc.  I think once they have been sanded, and possibly painted/varnished they will look ok and may be of use in a future project. 

The final picture for tonight is of eye shadow tins cleaned and ready to use as baking trays for maybe some cakes or buns.  I love the effect of using these for baked goods.

Does anyone else have stashes of useful mini items stored and ready to use?  How do you store them to keep them safe?  I would love to hear from people on this subject.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Change of direction

Well, after a short break, I managed to fit in a little time on minis today.  Unfortunately, no time was spent on the tower.  This is because I have decided the dresser and desk are going to be replaced.  I have decided they are going to have to be replaced sooner rather than later and I am hoping I will find the ideal pieces at a reasonable price.  Fingers crossed on that one.

In the mean time I started looking at material I have to make a mini bear.

This is the scheme I think I will use for the first one.
As you can see, I decided the first bear I will make is using a lyrical bear pattern.  I think I could end up being a day or two because I need to sort out my reading glasses so that I can see to sew etc.  

The other day I managed to finally get round to staining the plain wood book case I bought a few weeks ago.  I am quite pleased with the results.

Then I added all the books I have made so far.  Each of these books can be taken off the shelves and opened.  I have added my own small writing and doodles on some of the pages.  I want all the books to be like this and hand made by me.  

I am rather slow at making the books so it could be a while before I manage to fill all the shelves.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Progress of the Tower Continues

Today it has been the turn of placing some of the items on the first floor of the Tower (I really must come up with a more original name than that).

Some of the differences from earlier are a little more subtle, moving things and adding to the fireplace, shelves and floor etc.

It is good to see it filling up but, I am still considering replacing the desk and the shelving.  It is a great feeling to see it all coming together though.

Finally I have the items on the mantle!  I will be filling up the wooden bowl with something at a later date.  At the moment I just wanted to get things I have so far in the places I want them.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tower Progress.

Yes, that's right, I have finally got some of the items in place and things are looking like they are starting to get somewhere with the tower.

Here is how the ground level looked looked at the start:

And this is how it looks now...

I am pleased with it for now but I think there will be more of a move round in the future to show things off a bit more.  I have more that I want to do with this part but it is good to see things moving forward.

Well, I have a few bits to add to the first floor and then it will be planning and making for more items and on to the top floor.  Hopefully I will have some more photos to show tomorrow.   :)

Hmmm as a final thought, I think that perhaps the ground floor is looking a little too tidy and needs a bit of a grunge look adding to it.... now that is something for me to think about.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Sorting Continues...

... leading to a lovely surprise.

I found some more items I had put away for my tower.

These were real sized objects just right for making look old, dusty and just right for minis.  They are on the larger size but ideal for effect in the tower.  I haven't decided on the exact position as there are still one or two more changes I need to make.

Some more of the metal and wooden bowls and plates that will be going in the main room.  The main thing now for the main room of the tower is to clutter and dusty it up.  Some more distressing will be needed and I still need to sort out the dresser, desk and hopefully a table to complete the overall effect.  Hopefully I will find something at the Miniatura when I go later this month.

Some more of the items to add to the 'clutter' of the main tower room.

Although I have had these items for a while, it felt like Christmas finding all the items and looking through them all.

And yet more clutter for the main room.  I know, I know, I may not end up being able to fit them all in but, all these things were picked up at the time with the tower in mind.

Finally, these will be filled, painted and messed with to add yet more effect to the tower.  I think some of it may end up as clutter in the top room.

But oooooh I love days like today.  Tomorrow I will post some pictures of some of these items in place.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More To Do

I thought I would show a photo of my terrace and cottage exteriors.  I am hoping to start making the outsides look more authentic over the next few months.

I was thinking of plants and curtains but we will see, sometimes an idea comes along and it just feels right.  It happened when I was thinking about making changes to the kitchen cupboards and beds and I am waiting for the same this time.

And next, my market stall, waiting for stock still.  Last year I had plans to make it into a flea market stall but, I just cant decide for good so there it is still empty and waiting for inspiration and for me to make a decision I am happy with.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


I  recently bought several colours of metallic acrylic paint from the local pound shop.  Normally they don't have anything particularly useful that I am after at the time but with how expensive some paints can be, I thought I would give them a try.

The photo doesn't do the colours justice, they are a little duller when you look at them.  I have tried painting some of the wooden items and the copper colour looks best but, I am going to try dirtying them and think about what I can put in them.  I think the bowls are going to be useful for the tower but they need more work.

At least I have seen the paint effect on wood.  The colours will need to be considered very carefully for them to be used in the correct places.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Very Happy Bunny (me)

I ordered my tickets for Miniatura today and I am so excited    :)

I just need to keep my fingers crossed the tickets arrive in time and then wait very (im)patiently for the day to arrive.

I have been through the web pages of some of the people who will be attending and it is looking good.  I haven't been for a couple of years.  The last time I went there were less sellers so I am hoping it will be a full hall this time like previous visits to that.

The only question then is... do I look at starting another project from what I buy on the day or should I be a good girl and only buy items for current projects...  decisions, decisions

I have not had time to do much more minis since my last post unfortunately

The photo is of a pack for making mini bears that I am hoping to make a start on this month.  Another of my project 'to dos'.

Any one else with a mini to do list full of projects still in their idea or part finished stage? ;)

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.