Friday, 21 March 2014

She's Here !! :)

Yep that is right, Elsa an MSD Dollzone BJD is finally here.

Those of you who have been following my blog may remember that I ordered her back in November last year and as time has gone by, I have become more and more impatient..

I had an email from Angelesque last night and I spent all day worrying at work that I would miss the parcel.  Anyway, when I got home, my neighbour had signed for the package and I had a wonderful moment of photographing and opening her... or rather them, as in a fit of impatience the other day, I placed an order for another Hujoo, this time a basic along with wig and eyelashes.

So, to start it off here is a self explanatory picture of the main box.

Followed by my first image of the inside.

And so on to the little Hujoo girl, card and eyelashes that was tucked inside the box along with Elsa.

And finally, here she is, the main event... Elsa (although her name will probably change)

And here she is dressed.
I will work on getting some decent pictures taken to post on here but, I am mainly hoping to start working on getting both my hujoo dolls sorted as far as I can now.

Hope you are all well x