Thursday, 30 January 2014

Two down, one to go :)

I am pleased to say that Pullip Noir has arrived.  I am so pleased with her.  I was worried as Pullip dolls are dearer than Tangkou.

Here she is...

There is a lot of detail in her clothing although her hair is a little tangly so that could be something that I will be looking into.

As you can see in the photo, she comes with a little teddy, stand, card, shoes and accessory for her hair.

Her eyes are a lot different to my Tangkou dolls.  Pullip eyes move from side to side and she can wink but, her eyes do not change colour.  She is soooo pretty though.

I would definitely think of buying a Pullip again.  Now she has arrived, I can state with confidence she is worth the cost and wait.

The only doll I am waiting for now is MSD Elsa.  I am hoping she will arrive by the end of February.

My only other idea for my doll collection this year then will be to consider purchasing a Hujoo doll, possibly the Hujoo basic that I can start from scratch to build up a complete character, but those plans will be waiting another day.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fabric sorting

I spent today sorting out my fabric.  Over the years I have collected a wide variety of things that may be useful one day some of which I showed on previous posts.  Amongst my collected items is a wide variety of fabric.

When I went out with my parents a couple of days ago, I bought three small amounts of fabric that I thought I must have... unfortunately, when I got home, I realised I had plenty of other fabric still waiting for me to get round to using.  Some of the amounts run into 2 or three metres, whilst others are offcuts.

People who know me, understand what I am like.  The time has come however, for me to stop procrastinating and work on putting my plans into action.

My new fabrics were the ones with the flower patterns.  The patterns are small and perfect for either mini projects or clothing for dolls.

The fabric in this photograph is from a magazine that my friend started collecting and didnt complete any of the projects.  Again, the patterns look ideal for my project ideas.

The rest of my fabrics are all larger quantities and are mainly plain colours.  I have no proper storage due to space limits so they are mainly kept in bags.

Time for me to stop jumping around from project to project without completing anything and concentrate on one area for a while.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Fairy arrives

While I was at work today, Tangkou Fairy arrived.  I am relieved as my Pullip still appears to be missing in the system somewhere and there is no sign of Elsa.  I was beginning to be paranoid about none of them turning up and then my parcel arrived

She didnt look too pretty through the window of the box she came in.

But she is actually very photogenic.  She has a removable wig which looks and feels a lot better than the hair on the dolls I have previously bought.

And the blushing on the body looks good too.  Her wrists feels a little more difficult to pose but all in all she is lovely.  I will be making new clothes for her though.

She also has magnetic horns that I have not photographed yet.  I will take more pictures another day to show these.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Waiting update

The bad news is... I am still waiting lol.  I have no news except things are no further forward in my dolls arriving.  But that can be the drawback of hobbies sometimes isnt it? To get exactly what we are after, we sometimes have to order specially, and that can mean waiting longer than we would ordinarily want to.

This is my Tangkou Aussie, she is quite photogenic and I thought I would share her again.

I must admit, I have been looking round on the websites again and am hoping to start saving up for another Dollzone doll called Miss Kitty.  She is very pretty and looks so different from the others I have been considering.  I have been looking at images of her that other people have posted of her not just the promo photos and she seems photogenic.  Looks like I am saving again.  

Monday, 13 January 2014

That Monday Feelin

Unfortunately, I have been feeling wiped out all day so I am unable to show any mini progress so I thought that I would share one of my Tangkou dolls that I do not think I have shared yet.

But first, I am going to admit to being a little naughty... I am currently awaiting 3 dolls.  They are all on order and I am feeling a little impatient.  Details of the dolls are as follows;

  1. Tangkou Fairy
  2. Pullip Noir 2012 Regen
  3. Elsa who is a dollzone MSD
I am looking forward to them arriving and taking photos.

Now with that admitted, I am going to show one of my Tangkou dolls that I have not yet shown.  Today is the turn of the Tangkou doll, Chinese.

She seems more sophisticated than the others somehow.  I am presuming it is the clothing.

The one this I would say is that her hair is harder to keep looking nice than the others.  She does suffer with the same weakness at the others however, and that is that she can be quite difficult to pose realistically.  She is lovely though and I am glad to have purchased her.

The one positive point of Tangkou dolls is that they do seem to be good value for the money.  They are a lot cheaper than similar makes of doll on the market.  I am looking forward to when the others arrive so that I can start comparing the different makes.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Putting in a few more touches

Today, I put in the few 24th pieces that I had remaining on the ground floor of the cottage.  Although I had a home for most of the pieces in the picture I posted yesterday, some of them are waiting for the bedroom to be sorted and possibly the attic.

I put the sweeper in the tall cupboard near the front of the photo and the tray on the table in front of the fireplace is waiting for me to find the perfect cup and toast slice to put on it and you can just see the plant on the top of the book shelf.

I also added a few bits to the sink so they can be washed as the lady of the house always seems to be busy at the kitchen table, I thought it only right that there be some washing up waiting to be done.

There is also a plate now at the table so that can plan to finally sit down to have something to eat.

I am getting more and more pleased with all the progress at least on this floor.  I am hoping to start thinking about the books but because there are so many to do and I seem to get easily distracted, I am also going start working on the first floor.

Here is the picture showing how it looks now.

As you can see, it is a bit of a mess but gives me plenty of scope for improvement.

The cat is currently on the bed but, as you can see, the bed is in desperate need of dressing and some of the furniture needs fixing.  I am lucky, I have two of some of the furniture such as the bed, so I am able to experiment without too much worry.

I am looking forward to making a start on all this but, of course, I am back at work after the Christmas break and so my time is a little more limited again.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


Today I was going to post about how pleased I am that I have finally positioned all the pieces of furniture and accessories in the cottage that I have so far, at least for the ground floor...

It started off well, I emptied the ground floor and started to dust all areas.

After moving all the pieces of furniture around and started filling the cupboards with cups and accessories.  I love the idea that anyone can open any of the cupboards and find things that you could find in a lifesize home.

I am pretty pleased with the results.  I still have to make the books to go on the book shelf.  I want all the books to have pages and open so I am still planning to make them myself although I am not sure that I will be able to illustrate them as well.

Well, here is the result after todays move around and sort.

And from the other side...

Well, like I said, I thought that meant that I had completed what I could for downstairs, considering all the items that I currently have.

Unfortunately, I then looked in my craft box and found some 24th items that I had not placed.  They will have to wait till another day now.  I had to stop to sort tea and felt too tired to continue for today.  Here are the items that will be waiting to be added to the cottage.

So, not long now till the downstairs is completed, but, today is not that day.