Saturday, 23 May 2015

Mei is home

I just wanted to give a quick and somewhat belated introduction to Mei, my new Resinsoul BJD I ordered from Angelesque.  She was in stock and arrived a couple of days after I ordered her.


Here she is.  She is very pretty.

She is on the single jointed body and to be honest I was resigned to the fact her posing would likely not be up to what I wanted and would probably need to get her a body with double joints. However, she is posing better than I thought and so I think I will keep this body for her for a while.

Of course, as she was an impulse buy, she does not have any clothes or wig yet (although they are now on order).  I am also thinking of changing her eyes as I have seen some lovely dollzone eyes that I think will suit her... we shall see.

I have however got her a pair of Dollzone shoes again ordered from Angelesque which are lovely quality and do fit.

Mini Update

Although me being able to sit and make things has been limited, I have still made some progress on my minis.

Firstly, I now have a small bookcase and modern desk for the upstairs office of my pet shop.

I had tried facing the desk the other way round but it looks a lot  better this way round although this photo does not do it justice.

Here is a photo of how my pet is now looking  :)

Still so much to do, but getting there bit by bit.

And now on to my terrace house bedroom.  I was recently given a bedside cabinet  I love it and it looks great with my 2nd battery lamp I had bought from Miniatura.  

And here is the bedroom as a whole.  I still have a couple of pieces of furniture that I would like to buy (a chair and a bedside cabinet) and I have a dolls house for my dollhouse that is currently waiting for me to paint it as it is plain wood at the moment.

As you can see from this picture, along with a couple of pieces of furniture, I will need to add a few other accessories to give it a 'lived in' feel.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Terrace House Update

Just a quick progress update on my terrace house as I realised there had not been much done on this over the last few months.

Unfortunately there is not a massive difference so far but, this does at least show one of two of my Miniatura items in place.  Namely, the bag of knitting by the chair, the bag by the bookcase and the battery lamp at the back by the sideboard.

I have the most gorgeous mirror that still needs to put up, but it is very heavy and I have not found anything strong enough to hold it in place yet. but that will make a big difference once up.


Apologies for my absence, one of my sons was injured in a hit and run accident.  He has been left with serious leg injuries which resulted in him losing 4cm of bone in his one leg and needing 6 operations in the space of 3 weeks.  He is currently back home recovering but he will be living with a frame on his leg for the next 18 months and a lot of further treatment and bone stretching to come.

Unfortunately the driver of the car has not been found yet but at least my son is alive and back with his girlfriend.

I will now be working on catching up with where I am and getting back on track with my hobbies again with the worst of it all hopefully behind us.