Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Another new Beauty

Here is the arrival of my Resin Soul Dan.  She actually arrived a while ago but I have only just realised I have not introduced her yet.

She is my biggest BJD so far and is SD size.  All my other dolls are either MSD or YoSD size

I love her horns.  These are the extra horns I ordered with the painting and shading done by Resin Soul.  I am so happy with the effect and really glad I ordered the extra set.

These are the horns that came with her, again the shading was done by Resin Soul.  Love them.

And here she is.  This photo does not do her gorgeous face-up justice.  I do need to do something with her eyes, they are not sitting right in her head but I am considering changing them for some red eyes I have seen.

Now all I have to do is find her some clothes that do her justice.  Easier said than done I fear.
Once I have sorted her some clothing and hair, I will post some more photos of her, she poses really well and her hand sculpt is really lovely.

I can see her becoming a favourite quite easily

Monday, 21 September 2015

Sometimes you just have to go with it :)

Here he is.  I love his face up.  You will recognise him from a previous post.  Love him, but here he is wearing a new wig and in new clothes.  You would think that I would be ecstatic, after all, he looks great at first glance...

Unfortunately, his body and head dont match.  There is a gap around his neck and the skin colour doesnt match.  Still love his face though. :)

Of course, this then left me with an issue. A headless body...

Well, I have ordered a new head for this body.  I ordered the Xavier head, with the scar on face.  I am quite excited :) an unexpected treat.  Of course, I already have his clothes and wig so once the head arrives he will be complete.

Unfortunately, I am still left with a floating head.  Sad really, but I have treated him to a new wig and once I have some money saved, I will buying him a body that will fit. I still love him.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mei Update

I am one of the lucky owners of a Resin Soul Mei (Can you tell I love her? lol).  She is just so pretty.

For a while now I had been waiting for clothes and a wig that I was I felt would be just right for her.  Luckily, Angelesque has a good range of clothing in addition to beautiful dolls and I found the perfect dress and wig for her.

Here is the view of her wig from the back.  I believe it is a For My Doll wig.

And here she is complete (for now).

Although I may buy her some more clothes in the future to change her look, I am really taken with her wig and it would need to be something really special for me to even think about changing it.