Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day off well spent

I swapped my day off with another lady at work and made the most of it by sorting out more of my minis.

Today it was the turn of the tower and although one of the units needs dusting, I am pleased with what I have decided to keep in.  The items I found the other day will be added once I have done the dusting.

I also have some wood pieces to put in the fireplace to add more detail to that part.  It needs more clutter too for it to be classed as finished. and now I can see the photo, I think I need to make changes to the walls to create more of a creepy effect although with how small the room is, I didnt want to go for stone walling so I will need to think about that more carefully.

I used a flash to take the photos because it was too dark otherwise but, it has just led to it looking wishy washy, however, this shows a closer look at the book case.  I am creating a neglected messy look on here and just need a few more books and maybe some scrolls to finish this off.

On here I just need one or two more jars along with a good dusting... haha, oh well,it just shows how much the poor tower is in need of TLC, my project for this year I think.  

Of course, now my week feels all over the place, changing days off really has made my body confused over where I am and what I should be doing...  Oh well, back to sorting for now before a well earned bath and rest.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Becoming Organised and a Box of Treasures

Well, to be honest , I think the title of this post sums it all up quite nicely.

Like many other crafter and hobbyists, I have a lot of bits and pieces all over the place, unless you become more organised, it really does turn into a mess.

I finally got round to buying two tool boxes for added storage.  One is holding my paints and brushes (well, most of them) and the other is holding bits and pieces I have accumulated towards my 'will come in handy one day for minis' and other little bits.

I still need another for my smaller fabric pieces but, it is nice to finally start seeing progress on keeping things together and out of everyone else's way.

These are my newest additions that I bought when I went out last week.  It took all my self control to only buy these.

I have to admit, they were definitely worth it and they will all be used in the next 6 months.

Of course, all this becoming organised now means that the box that I am keeping all my bits in is my box of treasures. 

 My nan who was also a crafter had a box I used to love looking in when I was little full of all the button, lace and bits and pieces that would one day become something new and she always called it her Treasure Box. I used to love sitting and looking through it when I was younger. It is nice to see that I now have my own.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Forgotten Treasures

I decided to attempt yet another sort out of my things this evening.  My forgotten projects have mainly all been found (I think lol) and it looks like a busy time ahead.  I need to go out and buy some more batteries for my camera because the latest ones I bought only allow me to take three pictures before my camera gives up.

I did find these though

I am going to use these in my tower.  This time instead of putting them back in my box, I have put them by the tower.  Next time you see them they will be in place.  Unfortunately that wont be today because my camera is out of power again and so I need to get to the shops again to buy better batteries this time.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Stocking the Cupboards... at last

Today I finally managed to choose the items I am keeping in the cupboards of my 1/12th terrace house.  I have many items for kitchen cupboards but, not all of them are quite what I was looking for or fit where I wanted them.

This was the first cupboard, all fully stocked.  Although this unit is not really easy to get to to see the items  in the cupboards when it is in place, I really want the sort of house where it is full. 

I have more items I need to get for this one, I wasn't quite happy with what I had (and of course, a good excuse for some more mini shopping).

Ok, I know most of the pieces cant be seen now it is in place, but I know they are there.

I have so much more to do before this house is completed but I am so happy with what I managed to get done today.