Saturday, 27 September 2014

Comfort for the residents

I am continuing with making some of the small items for the terrace.  Although I have a cushion on the seat in the living room, I have never been totally happy with it so I finally decided to do something about it.

The lovely thing about making these cushions as everyone will know is just how simple and effective they are to make.  It doesnt matter how stressful the rest of my day is, as least I can still sew a square and feel like I have done a good job.  I am also making two for my mum for part of her christmas advent that we put together for each other every year.

These two are for my house and there are two more for my mum.  Now on to my next project...  after a little thought and planning that is.  But first, I am going to read and catch up with everyones blogs  :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Still Here

Hello again,

I have been keeping a quiet watch on peoples blogs but have not been feeling able to find anything to write about.  But I cant believe it has been so long since I last wrote anything... where has the time gone?

This leads me on to my topic for today.  I have gotten into such bad habits of late.  Procrastination being one of the worst.  Nail biting is coming a close second however.  I seem to have done no crafting either of late, be it minis, knitting, patchwork or dolls.

I have however had chance to take stock and start getting a move on with organising.  I have ordered a kindle in the hopes this will stop me from ;

1)  Overspending, and
2)  Cluttering my house.

I have heard many good things about kindle, one of them being the fact they offer free books, so tonight I decided to take a look and see what is out there while I wait for my kindle to arrive.  I have never taken much notice before but, now I have, I am surprised at just how many free and cheap books there are out there.

Being realistic though, whilst I believe owning a kindle will slow my book buying habit, I have a feeling it will not be able to replace the feeling of a real book... time will tell.  I am excited whilst waiting for it to arrive though.