Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mirai is Home

I have so much news but I am going to go through a bit at a time over a few days.

The first and most exciting currently is that Mirai (SmartDoll) arrived today.  This post is going to involve so many photos so beware haha.

Ok, predictable, but here is the outside of the box.  This was where the excitement began  :)

This was what it looked like in the box.  It was all so well packed and the outer box is very strong.

The bag is very pretty and so different from other doll companies I have come across so far.

This was the view inside the bag.  Mirai is very tall (60cm so the tallest doll I have so far in my collection) and at this point was kneeling in the bag.

She comes as a full set up but I did buy extras as well, so here are all of the clothes that came in the box you can see in the bag.

Anyway, here she is

And here are her 'default' clothes.

She is not the easiest to dress, as you can see.  I had to take her arms and head off to put on her top and her arms were so difficult to get back on.

Anyway... Moving on, the clothes are really well made and fit beautifully.  Her shoes are fabulous too and so detailed as you can see in this photo.

And finally, here she is.  This is not a head to toe picture as I wanted to show how pretty her face is.

To say I am happy with her is an understatement.  She is my most expensive doll to date but worth it.  She is such good quality and her wig is also beautiful.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested although I would also say to those undecided to look at the videos on youtube.