Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hujoo Heaven continues

My hubby has spoiled me.  It is not my birthday for a few months yet but he still bought me what he called an early birthday present...  a Hujoo Lily (from Angelesque, my favourite online shop).

She arrived the other day and I am so happy.  Here is Lily (at least until I think of a new name).

She was bought with a face up and I am really pleased with her look.  It saved me worrying about eyebrows which is the worst part I find of doing a face up.  She didnt arrive with her eyes however, they were eyes I had bought from Amazon.

Here is what the eyes look like;

Her wig also came from Angelesque, it is from the For My Doll range and is such a lovely quality.

And now I have another girl waiting for me to make her clothes.  I have a lovely range of material waiting to be turned into miniature garments and furnishings for dolls and dollhouses from 1/12th to 1/4 scale.

That said, while I was searching round for simple clothes I could make and for inspiration to get me started, I found a lovely girl from Resin Soul called Dan who is an SD size.  She is being added to my wishlist and I am going to be needing to make sure I start saving for her.

Until then I have a lot of making for the various scales to keep me going and Miniatura on 28th March this year to keep me busy and to assist me with further inspiration for current and future projects.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hujoo Heaven

I am so happy and excited.  Last week I ordered a Hujoo Freya in white and Hujoo Little Minipin from Angelesque and they arrived a couple of days later as they were in stock.  Yay!! (I love ordering from Angelesque).  Of course, I then had to wait another few days before I could post anything due to work commitments.  But, here they are :)

I have taken one or two photos, but they are not all together yet.  I will posting more complete photos in the next couple of days.

Here they are part way through the opening, still wrapped in their bubble wrap after their journey to my home.

And here they are.  My first view of them.

 As you can see, Little Minipin still has his wrapping on his face.  That is because I ordered her with a face up and until I have all the other items that I wanted for him, (including his eyes), I want to keep his face up protected.

And then, I had a surprise because some of the eyes I had ordered off Amazon arrived this morning.  These are 12mm acrylic half round eyes in orange/yellow, green and blue for Little Minipin.  I still have not put them in place yet but, I am wanting to make some clothes etc before completing Minipin.

Moving on to Freya, she is in need of a faceup.  I am still researching a coming up with ideas on how I want her to look.  However, once this has been done and she has a little clothing, I will be posting more pictures of her.

Then all that will remain is the important job of naming them.   :)

Monday, 2 February 2015

Back To It

I made a trip to our local Dolls House Shop called Dolls House Mania and picked up a single display shelf for the Pet Shop.  I have had plans to buy this shelf since Christmas so I am really pleased.

And here it is in place.

I have high hopes that by the end of June the majority of the making and work will be done leaving just the finishing touches.

I have two main pieces of furniture left to buy now.  A new serving counter and a computer desk for the lady who will be working here to complete the boring paperwork and office duties that come hand in hand with running your own business :)