Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Wonderful Day

A few months ago I visited a local real life Dolls House Club.  I have been a member of a couple of online miniature groups and find they are lovely for learning new things and chatting to people who share the same hobby.  All of the women in the real life club and online clubs are so talented and can make such wonderful minis.  Today  the real life dolls house club had booked a workshop by Nicky Bott.

For those of you who know me, my hobbies and miniatures have had to take a back seat recently because my hubby lost his job and we are all busy applying for work left, right and centre all to no avail so far.

Today has been just the tonic I needed to lift my spirits and renew my enthusiasm for something fun to learn and do.  Today  Nicky Bott showed us how to make a 1/12th scale character male.  And here is my character male

We all had great fun and I managed to learn so much and completed him in one day.  He may not be the prettiest doll but, I am very attached to him.

All I need to do now is make him some clothes.  I was going to wig him and make him into a wizard but he doesnt look like a wizard to me now he is completed....  I think I may have to make another one to make into a wizard lol


  1. Your small person is wonderful! I think he has a very mediaeval looking face. I'm glad you enjoyed your RL time with like minded friends, hope your situation improves soon.

  2. Your little man is super. what a great workshop. You must have had so much fun.

  3. You did really well with your man figure.It is good to see a man that looks like a man - so many of them look really feminine. I agree with Susan, he does look rather medieval. Perhaps a monk or a merchant? Sorry to hear that you are still searching for that elusive job - hope you are successful soon! In the meantime try to enjoy the free time finishing of UFOs :)

  4. thank you, I really enjoyed learning to make him.

  5. He is quite brilliant! Until reading the post I assumed you must have bought him.

    I hope the job thing isn't getting you down too much. It always seems unfair when you finally get time that it is because you have unemployment hanging over your head and the time is shadowed.

  6. oops, just noticed the dates and I hope things are looking up for now. :-)

  7. Great job on him!! Ohh and possible wizard too. You can never have enough of those. Glad to have found your blog.