Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Slow Down!!...

Wow, this year is really flying by.  I didnt realise it had been so long since I last posted on here.

Well here is my progress...

I started by measuring the size books I wanted on my 24th scale book shelf and made a table with the size squares I wanted my pages to be.  This covered the whole of an A4 sheet.  Once done, I cut them into rows and chose my fineliner pens and papers I wanted as covers on my books.  I have also used sticky back plastic to make the covers more robust.  The pages were created by folding the squares into concertinas and gluing them to the covers.

And here are the completed books.  I have  used pen to give the books titles.  Some of the books have pages written and/or simple pictures but, I need to improve before I am willing to show those haha.  Lets just say its a work in progress.

Here are some of the books in place.  I have made more than these but, I still have a way to go before the shelves are all full.

Hopefully I will be able to show more progress soon.


  1. Yikes! Books for 1:24 scale - now that's real dedication!

  2. and a long slow process haha :)