Saturday, 14 June 2014

Knitting Various Sizes

I recently decided to make further progress with my knitting as I had loads of wool and not much patience continuing to make books for the 24th shelf.

I have completed my first beanie for my hujoo dolls.  To be honest, there is room for improvement but, I am pleased that I have completed something.  I will be experimenting with different types of wool and I think I will use a different stitch on the main part of the hat next time.

Because I am not the quickest knitter, I have started knitting a simple scarf using shaded wool ready for winter.  It is from a free pattern from called Gentle Stripes Scarf.

It is such a simple pattern to knit whilst I am watching the TV without having to worry.  Here is my progress so far...

So far so good with this one haha.  Hopefully it wont take long for this to be finished now as I have recently bought some crotchet cotton to do a little mini knitting.


  1. What pretty colours, interesting to see this multi coloured yarn making a come-back. I'm old enough to remember using it in the 70s :)

  2. I am not a fantastic knitter so the multi-colour wool is making things a lot more interesting and gives a lovely effect to even my simple patterns haha :)