Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Still Here

Hello again,

I have been keeping a quiet watch on peoples blogs but have not been feeling able to find anything to write about.  But I cant believe it has been so long since I last wrote anything... where has the time gone?

This leads me on to my topic for today.  I have gotten into such bad habits of late.  Procrastination being one of the worst.  Nail biting is coming a close second however.  I seem to have done no crafting either of late, be it minis, knitting, patchwork or dolls.

I have however had chance to take stock and start getting a move on with organising.  I have ordered a kindle in the hopes this will stop me from ;

1)  Overspending, and
2)  Cluttering my house.

I have heard many good things about kindle, one of them being the fact they offer free books, so tonight I decided to take a look and see what is out there while I wait for my kindle to arrive.  I have never taken much notice before but, now I have, I am surprised at just how many free and cheap books there are out there.

Being realistic though, whilst I believe owning a kindle will slow my book buying habit, I have a feeling it will not be able to replace the feeling of a real book... time will tell.  I am excited whilst waiting for it to arrive though.

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