Monday, 29 February 2016

Mini Ideas and Finds

I recently went to a Bric a Brac Fayre and managed to pick up some lovely items, perfect for minis.

Firstly was this little trinket box.

I love the pattern on the outside and it is the perfect size for my 24th scale cottage. I am so happy with this little box.

I am not so impressed with the inside at the moment but I can use this as one of my little projects.

It will be going in the loft of the cottage and I will be finding some little objects.  People who know me know that I love the idea of miniatures that offer something new to look at whenever someone looks.

I also found these...

The internal workings of small watches.  I thought these would be perfect to make authentic looking clocks for my twelfth scale house and pet shop.  As other mini fans know, sometimes you can just look at something and see many different ideas.  This little bag was one of those.

I havent started working on them yet but here they are out of the bag.  I shared them with my mum so she can also make some clocks.  I am going to experiment with a variety of materials, wood, clay, cardboard, leather etc to see what different looks I can find.  I have all sorts of ideas and doodles to work from.

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