Friday, 20 March 2015

New Girl

I just wanted to welcome the newest addition to my collection.

This is the Tangkou Girl - Gap Year.  Tangkou was the doll type that started my collection of dolls that are larger than what i consider the  typical dolls house scale of 1/12th.

She has a pretty face and eyes that change by pressing a button at the back of her head.  This photo shows my favourite eyes.  With each eye change, not only does the colour change, but so does the direction that the eyes are facing.

My apologies for not tidying her hair before taking the picture.  

She has a lot of accessories compared to a lot of the other Tangkou girls in my collection.  She comes with a hat, rucksack, sunglasses and shoes. and if more modern as well, sporting a t-shirt and jeans.

This picture shows her in her box.

All in all, I am very pleased with her.

I am looking forward to when I can have space to display all my dolls and doll houses on shelves so that I can enjoy them more easily.  At the moment, due to space restrictions, a lot of my dolls are having to stay in their boxes and my miniatures are scattered in a couple of different rooms.

Well, I am off again for now to have a read of some of the blogs of other people I follow.  I am still building up to starting to sew clothes for some of my dolls and I am afraid to say that blogs are one of my favourite forms of procrastination at the moment.

See you all again soon with an update :)

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