Monday, 30 March 2015

Miniatura Wonder

Last weekend was Miniatura weekend.  Me and my mum went to the show on Saturday 28th March in Birmingham and what a time we had.  We both made many purchases.  I have taken photos of most of mine and will show pictures of most of them in place over the coming days.

I will do my best to make sure I list the proper sellers names here and will update or change them where I see there is an error or the information is missing.  I do want to make sure that the correct details are by the correct seller.

Knitting bag  -   apologies seller details will be added at a later date
Baskets  -  A Basket Of
Mirror  -  details to be added at a later date

All these gorgeous metal items were from the same seller - sizes 1/12th and 1/24th scale - seller details to be added at a later date

All these items are 24th scale.  
I believe the fish bowl, rhubarb and cabbage  -   Pride of Plaice

This was a pre-owned bird in a cage, I could not resist and perfect for my petshop.

All the packets and tins in the photo except the flea rid and chinchilla food  -  Platts Mini Packages

I love this picture says who I got this from.  It is beautiful and I will definitely want to buy another one from her.  My apologies for the painting being upside down.  It is perfect for my 24th scale cottage walls.  I am soooo happy.

Not only was the smaller of the teddies perfect for my terrace house, but the larger ones are just right for my hujoo girls.  And they were so cheap at only £1 each.

Again these speak for themselves.  -  Heidi Ott battery lights perfect for my terrace house living room and bedroom.

I am a bit upset I dont have the sellers name for this beautiful lady.  She was my 'spoiler item' which is the name I give to the item I buy myself as a treat.  She is perfect for my pet shop.  I finally found a doll for my shop that I am 100% happy with.  Seller details to follow once I have found the leaflet out.

I am hoping this doll seller is at the next Miniatura as I definitely plan to go and I am wanting to buy another lady for my terrace house.

All in all it was a fantastic day and I made some great purchases all of which will have pride of place in my mini buildings.  NOW I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE hahahaha :)

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