Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Impulse Purchase

A while ago I ordered a Resinsoul Dan and clothes from Angelesque...  By a while ago, I actually mean only a couple of weeks....

Unfortunately, in a bout 'of oh my I hate waiting', I accidentally hit the purchase button on an Impldoll Vivien Head with custom face up (by their in-house artist) on the same site.

All I can say is WOW, he is the best impulse purchase I have ever made. I am so happy, he is perfect.

When I saw the photos on the website, I had considered changing his eyes, but now his head has arrived, I have decided to keep them.  They seem to suit his character.

Of course, this impulse buy has now led to some 'necessary' purchases, as he obviously needed a body, wig and clothes haha...  I mean ooops.


  1. This is kind of odd so please forgive me for commenting randomly. Your picture came up on image search and I recognised the sculpt as one of my BJDs. I got excited because I haven't seen many of him, then I got confused because he was meant to be Vivian. But I don't think he is. That's Eden, I'm sure. And I'm really chuffed to see another owner picture of him. It's lovely to see a nice faceup on him too as mine aren't going so well! So, thank you for sharing the pics ^^

  2. Thank you for letting me know. Unfortunately when the child body turned up that I had ordered in white the resin colour didn't match and the neck was way too small for the head. Although I am now under of the resin match it is good to know who it is so I can order the right size body thank you :)