Friday, 3 April 2015

Pet Shop Progress

Here is an update of my pet shop following my recent Miniatura trip.

As you may remember from previous posts on my shop, I seem to have spent a long time making very little progress.  Thank to my Miniatura outing, I found my inspiration to make an effort to sort the downstairs area.

Prior to this the ground floor had been very cluttered with a variety of pets.  I made the decision to take most of them out temporarily to tidy it up.  Once I have filled the shop with stock, I will bring a lot of them pets back in.

This was the downstairs after sorting and prior to placing my new items.

As you can see, It was looking pretty bare at this point.  I am happy to say that although there is still plenty left to do and most of the shelving still needs to be filled, with the new items in place, it is looking a lot more how I have pictured it.  I am now needing to save for the next Miniatura show in October this year.

The lady is looking very happy and at home in the shop.  I really do need to find a name for her and her shop now that I am feeling more happy and settled with the project.  I have to admit that I am feeling very happy too.  I am finally making progress again.

Along with saving for the next Miniatura, I also need to save to make a trip to my local Dolls House Shop as they have some furniture I want such as a new counter, computer desk and desk chair along with computer.

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