Monday, 21 September 2015

Sometimes you just have to go with it :)

Here he is.  I love his face up.  You will recognise him from a previous post.  Love him, but here he is wearing a new wig and in new clothes.  You would think that I would be ecstatic, after all, he looks great at first glance...

Unfortunately, his body and head dont match.  There is a gap around his neck and the skin colour doesnt match.  Still love his face though. :)

Of course, this then left me with an issue. A headless body...

Well, I have ordered a new head for this body.  I ordered the Xavier head, with the scar on face.  I am quite excited :) an unexpected treat.  Of course, I already have his clothes and wig so once the head arrives he will be complete.

Unfortunately, I am still left with a floating head.  Sad really, but I have treated him to a new wig and once I have some money saved, I will buying him a body that will fit. I still love him.

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