Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Another new Beauty

Here is the arrival of my Resin Soul Dan.  She actually arrived a while ago but I have only just realised I have not introduced her yet.

She is my biggest BJD so far and is SD size.  All my other dolls are either MSD or YoSD size

I love her horns.  These are the extra horns I ordered with the painting and shading done by Resin Soul.  I am so happy with the effect and really glad I ordered the extra set.

These are the horns that came with her, again the shading was done by Resin Soul.  Love them.

And here she is.  This photo does not do her gorgeous face-up justice.  I do need to do something with her eyes, they are not sitting right in her head but I am considering changing them for some red eyes I have seen.

Now all I have to do is find her some clothes that do her justice.  Easier said than done I fear.
Once I have sorted her some clothing and hair, I will post some more photos of her, she poses really well and her hand sculpt is really lovely.

I can see her becoming a favourite quite easily

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