Saturday, 23 February 2013

Becoming Organised and a Box of Treasures

Well, to be honest , I think the title of this post sums it all up quite nicely.

Like many other crafter and hobbyists, I have a lot of bits and pieces all over the place, unless you become more organised, it really does turn into a mess.

I finally got round to buying two tool boxes for added storage.  One is holding my paints and brushes (well, most of them) and the other is holding bits and pieces I have accumulated towards my 'will come in handy one day for minis' and other little bits.

I still need another for my smaller fabric pieces but, it is nice to finally start seeing progress on keeping things together and out of everyone else's way.

These are my newest additions that I bought when I went out last week.  It took all my self control to only buy these.

I have to admit, they were definitely worth it and they will all be used in the next 6 months.

Of course, all this becoming organised now means that the box that I am keeping all my bits in is my box of treasures. 

 My nan who was also a crafter had a box I used to love looking in when I was little full of all the button, lace and bits and pieces that would one day become something new and she always called it her Treasure Box. I used to love sitting and looking through it when I was younger. It is nice to see that I now have my own.


  1. I love that your grandmother had the box of buttons ;)

    I was talking to a friend about my grandmother having a fishing tackle box full of these ornate buttons, I used to just sit and go through them.

    I wish I had that box for myself and my daughter now, but like you said we start to make our own treasure boxes ;)

    1. So true, my nan's box always filled me with wonder when I was sat looking at all the little bits with her and sorting them into colours and patterns. :)

  2. I loved looking through my Mum's and Nana's boxes of buttons too, and my daughters loved looking through mine. It seems to be a universal thing. It's great that you are being organised right from the start too - our mini bits and pieces can soon get so out of hand that it becomes a major headache to get order out of chaos. And it is such fun to be able to easily see what treasures we have acquired! Sandra (Snippets of my Halfscale Fairfield