Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day off well spent

I swapped my day off with another lady at work and made the most of it by sorting out more of my minis.

Today it was the turn of the tower and although one of the units needs dusting, I am pleased with what I have decided to keep in.  The items I found the other day will be added once I have done the dusting.

I also have some wood pieces to put in the fireplace to add more detail to that part.  It needs more clutter too for it to be classed as finished. and now I can see the photo, I think I need to make changes to the walls to create more of a creepy effect although with how small the room is, I didnt want to go for stone walling so I will need to think about that more carefully.

I used a flash to take the photos because it was too dark otherwise but, it has just led to it looking wishy washy, however, this shows a closer look at the book case.  I am creating a neglected messy look on here and just need a few more books and maybe some scrolls to finish this off.

On here I just need one or two more jars along with a good dusting... haha, oh well,it just shows how much the poor tower is in need of TLC, my project for this year I think.  

Of course, now my week feels all over the place, changing days off really has made my body confused over where I am and what I should be doing...  Oh well, back to sorting for now before a well earned bath and rest.

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