Saturday, 30 November 2013

And so... back to the tower

Today I wanted to finally get the pieces in place and photographed.  That way I can say that one room is complete.

As you know, I had recently changed some of the furniture and put them in place in the tower.  Here is the room as it is now.

I am trying to make it look dirty and unkempt.  I have actually manage to sand the floor to give it a dirty look but, I may need to darken the layer to give it a more realistic look as it looks too light a grey...

I am pleased with the items on the pieces of furniture and am getting the right level of clutter now.

Ok, now that I have looked again at the photos, I really do need to get the floor sorted, that really is too pale to look dirty.  I have lots of paint through so, maybe a dry brush over with a dark brown/grey.

Hopefully, I will get chance later in the week to concentrate on it.  My son is coming to visit tomorrow so I am not planning on doing many crafts/minis so we have time to chill and catch up.  

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