Monday, 25 November 2013

In need of a sort... again

Today was the turn of the pet shop.

As you can see, it is feeling a little neglected.  I havent done much to it recently.  I must admit, I am starting to get more enthusiastic when looking at some of the ball jointed dolls.

I am hoping to have another push at getting some of the items and animals in place.  I had wonderful plans when it came to sorting out the shop.  I would like to make it even more over run with animals eventually.

As you can see, there are books on the floor of the shop.  I am thinking of using them to try and fill up the bookshelf in the living room of the terrace house and making books for the pet shop with proper petcare titles.  I keep having so many plans.  I really need to be a little more strict so that I can complete some of them.

I still have not found a person that I am happy with to run the shop.  I have a lady that I was going to use on the market stall but, I have had to put the stall away due to lack of space and my larger doll collection growing.

This was one of my newer guinea pig hutches.  It is a little big for the downstairs of the shop but, I am considering putting it upstairs and including more animals up in what was originally going to be the office area.

This is my favourite guinea pig hutch.  The photo does not do it justice.  I have had this hutch for a year or so now so you have probably seen it before.  I bought it from a Miniatura show I went to.  

Hopefully, I will manage to complete one of my projects by the end of next year.