Friday, 14 February 2014

Further progress on my Hujoo Berry customisation

First off, my apologies as I have no photos to show you today.  I did pop to a local haberdashery yesterday and bought some lovely material for a good price.

This was followed by a trip to HobbyCraft, where I purchased a couple of little  bits that I can use to make a small necklace for Berry (I still need to find her a name).

Unfortunately, getting items delivered appears to be a huge let down lately.  I ordered some different eyes from the internet and they still have not arrived yet.  So, as I do not want to wait for much longer as I want to see her progressing, I have decided to make the eyes for myself.

Soooo, I have been researching on the internet.  At the moment, I am quite low on choices of colour in Fimo so I am going to try the simpler method.  If I do not like the results, I can try making some using the eye can method.  Luckily I do have a decent range of paints.  Fingers crossed it will work out but, either way, I will post pictures of the results along with the items I bought yesterday.

Feeling excited and nervous.  They made it look easy on the internet (isn't that normally the way?) so I hope it is just that.

I will post again soon    :)

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