Saturday, 15 February 2014

Isn't it always the way?

Yesterday I had had made the decision that I would need to make some eyes for my Hujoo Berry because the eyes I had ordered were taking too long...

Well guess what? Yep that's right, this morning they arrived.  It is a pack of four pairs of eyes in blue, grey/blue, green and light brown.  Apologies as I forgot to take a picture of them.  They are lovely though.  They have a mould line on them but that cannot be seen when the eyes are in place.  The eyes are more detailed than I thought they would be so I am really pleased.

Because the eyes were here, this means Berry will no longer be kept covered, so I was able to put her eyelashes in place. Hmmmm, I did manage it but I would say it is a little trickier than you would first think or perhaps I should say trickier than I first thought.   Here she is with that stage completed though :)

Eyelashes make a lot of difference don't they?

Anyway, with that part done, I moved on to choosing the eyes I wanted for her.  I ended up using the grey/blue eyes as they will suit no matter if I decide to change her wig at a later date.

They look more blue in the pictures than they do in 'person'.

The final part for today was putting her wig on.  I have bought her this white wig to start with.  To be honest, I bought it thinking that it was cheap and I would buy her a new one once she had her face-up completed so I could see what personality I thought she may have.

I actually think it does suit her though.  Anyway, this now leaves me with only her clothes left to sort out.  The items currently on are all a little too big and came off a male doll about the size of a 'Ken' doll so I am currently looking around for simple patterns.  I have a feeling that clothing is going to be an ongoing project as I haven't made any before and they would need to be hand sown.

This is Berry so far and I am really happy with her so far.  By the end of this year, she should have new clothes and some shoes.

I am going to go now and am going to chill and watch a couple of episodes of Doctor Who before I go to bed.

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