Monday, 1 December 2014

Every girl loves shoes...

I saw some BJD shoes on Amazon for an amazing price and just had to get them.  I have to admit, to being a little concerned about the quality, after all, they were only £4  (approx) for the 1/6 scale pair and £5 (approx) for the 1/4 scale pair.

Well, they arrived today and I am so pleased with them. Unfortunately, there is no label on the packaging that gives the makers name, but the seller on Amazon I bought them from is 'Highly One'.

The first pair is the 1/6th size.  As you will see, they are really cute.

I just couldnt resist.  If there is one draw back it would be that at the moment they look a bit clumpy on my hujoo girl.  

That said, I havent finished her outfit yet so, I am not going to show her wearing them yet.  I think they will look better once she is in her dress and socks as well.  She is definitely going to be a girly girl.

The final pair are more rugged.  They are for my Resin Soul Rong.

The flash doesnt show the colour properly, they are in reality a lot darker but, the detail didnt show very well otherwise,  They are so well made, very strong, and I love the details along the with buckle and strap.

When the boots arrived, the strap was inside the boot and is put on and fastened once it has been put on.

Now I cant wait till I have a little more money so I can order some more shoes... perhaps I may even need to purchase I new doll to go with the new shoes? haha.

Well, I had better go again for now, I am hoping to have a quick read of a few blogs before bedtime, I have a busy work week ahead of me.  

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