Monday, 24 November 2014

Bitsa This and Bitsa That

I think I have shown the outside of my terrace house before but, I wanted to add a picture to this update.

I bought the nets you can see in this picture at a reduced cost in a charity shop a while back.  I love the effect that having something in the windows gives.  The problem is, I have never sorted anything for my 24th cottage to give that a more 'lived in appearance' 

I have been looking in various places but not seen anything I had thought of as quite suitable.  The main issue with it is that I want the cottage to be a simple place and so I wanted a material that can would reflect a simple, muted, worn effect but still delicate due to the size of the scale.  I think this is what has cause the issue when trying to sort the bedding as well.

I am looking forward to posting some progress with my minis as the week goes on, if I can only drag myself away from reading everyone else's wonderful blogs!!  :)

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