Saturday, 7 April 2012

Back to the Pet shop stock

Sorry for my absence recently.  I am back, although I am hoping to be working on other crafts too till I am all caught up with myself.  The last month saw real life go from chaos to total chaos and things look uncertain for a while to come. But, the beauty of minis and all things crafty is the escape it provides so onwards and upwards.

Tonight I started making some more stock for my pet shop.  I didnt have any wood the right size so, I rolled some clay to roughly the right shapes for cans.  I am going to make my own labels and see how they turn out, they might be marked as worked in progress lol.

I also made a couple more bowls, balls and chews.

I am going to make more tins and will be hunting round for pet type printy boxes but, making my own labels for the cans and bottles seems the best idea at the moment and I could really do with stretching my skills to other things.  I am also going to trawl through some catalogues and internet pages to look for more inspiration to make my items more varied after all, I need to get together stock for birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats etc as well.


  1. I hope life will settle down for yu, but you are exactly right , making things is a good way to help yourself get through tough times.

  2. Has hecho un fantastico trabajo, quedaran genial en tu tienda de mascotas.
    besitos ascension

  3. I haven't had much time for mini-ing either lately but went to my first ever dolls house fair on Sunday in Edinburgh and it has got my motivation back. At least with mini's we can put them away for a few days/weeks/months even years then get back to it again when we feel like it :).