Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hi Again

Hi everyone, I didnt want anyone to think I had abandoned my blog.  I have been attempting making a new mini.  It is to be a gift so I cannot post a picture yet in case the person pops on and sees it.  I will post pictures once the other person has seen it.

Other than that, I have started looking at some of my other craft ideas.  I love minis and am truly hooked but, I would like to expand my interests somewhat so, I have found out more material, paints etc and hopefully over the next few days I will have time to settle down to more making.

My garden has really come alive with all the recent rain but it is looking a bit overgrown so it looks like gardening is also on my to do list.  :)

I will be back to more regular posting soon with more pictures too.


  1. I think skipping around between crafts keeps things fun!

  2. I have a few different hobbies too so if I get bored or frustrated I can move onto something else for a while. I have recently started scrapbooking as another indoor hobby for rainy days and there are plenty of them at the moment.

  3. Skipping between them is definately more fun. Yes, indoor hobbies are needed at the moment with all the rain.