Monday, 2 April 2012

Missing mini motivation found at last

Hi everyone.  I am so sorry for having been gone for a few days, I am not sure why but, my mini motivation has been missing.  I am pleased to say that today I feel like I am definitely motivated.

I have found three kits that I bought when I was at Miniatura last year.  Unfortunately I was unable to go this March but I am hopeful that I will make it in September.  These kits make the most adorable little bears.  They are designed by Josephine Parnell.  I am hoping to make a start on Norvelle very soon.

First of all though I have one or two other little items to complete.  I have had a lovely time catching up with everyones blogs.   I will be back tomorrow


  1. What sweet little bears. I'm looking forward to seeing Norvelle finished.

  2. ¡Animo! esos tres kits de preciosos ositos son una motivacion suficiente para volver a las miniaturas...¡me encantará verlos pronto!

  3. Ánimo, seguro que te quedan preciosos!!

  4. I think we all have those days where we lose our mini mojo! Welcome back and enjoy your new found oomph!