Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bedroom Picture At Last

Hi everyone, well what a busy few days it has been.  I have given up smoking.  I am now on day 10 of being a non smoker and am really pleased with myself.  I havent really had any problems but, my ability to concentrate has gone downhill.  I also finally have new glasses.  I had noticed when I have been crafting that I was finding it difficult and finally got round to having my eyes tested.  I now have new distance glasses and new reading glasses.  So much easier now I can see clearer lol.

The pet shop stock is in the shop apart from a few items that need labels still.  I still have loads to do in there so no photos yet to show.  I have finally taken a picture of the terrace house bedroom so far and with the bed in place.  My apologies for how long it has taken me to get round to posting this picture.

I am starting to get back to some of my other crafts as well at the moment which seems to have slowed my mini progress.  I have been knitting scarves while giving up smoking. I have also started sewing again.  I have started to plan my time better though the last couple of days so I should soon be running full speed with everything.


  1. The bedroom furniture is very beautiful.
    Good luck with not smoking.

  2. Congratulations on quiting! My housemate hasn't stopped smoking, but smokes E- cigarettes which have only a very slight fragrance as there is only vapor instead of smoke. This has made such a difference in my life- even though she never smoked in the house, the smoke came in with her. I know how hard it is every day!

    The bedroom is darling as well!

  3. Thank you :) Now I am a non smoker, I notice when my husband smokes in the garden, you are right, the smoke does follow into the house.