Thursday, 26 January 2012

Eureka moment

No photos today but hopefully tomorrow I will have some photos of what I have been up to.  I ran out of batteries so its off up to the shops tomorrow to buy some more.

Today I spent the day with my mum and dad.  My mum thinks that I have been overcomplicating things and making my first attempts at making some items too difficult for myself so, I have decided to go for simple to start with and move on to embellishing later when I am feeling more confident.  After spending a bit of time out of the house today, I am now feeling like I have a head full of ideas so tomorrow and over the weekend I am hoping to get cracking with some of the items I have been nervous about starting or in some cases completing.  With the list of items that I need to make over the next week, I am really looking forward to the next few days.

I must admit that I am having a lovely time looking through all the blogs and there are plenty out there by wonderfully talented ladies and gents in a whole range of crafts.  I have been amazed at how fast time can fly when starting to read and looking through older posts for previous progress pictures.

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