Monday, 23 January 2012

Nosey neighbours - not what they may seem?

Ok, first off, I was out the front of my house the other day and saw my nets twitching.  Now, my neighbours upon seeing this may think we are very nosey but, its not us! Promise! Well, not all the time, and here's the proof.

I have made progress on the bedding front but, not quite got the effect I am after yet so, will post pictures once I have got something I am happy with.  I have made a couple of purchases today, some metal clay tools and jewellery jump rings.  I love working with clay and have made one or two decent  looking breads, plates and candles etc, but, I want to make more complicated items and wanted some better tools than I had (though I think a normal sewing needle is always going to be a favourite).  The jump rings are for when I make mini bags with some of my material and leather scraps.  I am really looking forward to them arriving already.

I have had a busy day today sorting and am proud and pleased to say that I have taken another carrier bag of items to the charity shop and added more items to the rubbish.  I am hoping that aiming for a carrier bag of things a week will mean that I dont have my usual trick of working on clearing and then burning out and losing interest because things then slide back to chaos.  Wish me luck  :)