Sunday, 29 January 2012

Today I decided to start working on two plain wood chairs I bought from Dolls House Mania a few days ago.  I painted them both cream but didnt like the fabric on the seating,  This is a picture half way through. with the new material selected and the seat padding taken apart.

The fabric I chose looks slightly different to how it has turned out on the photo, it has flecks of different coloured greens in it and has a shine to it.  It was a little more difficult to stick than I had hoped.  Still, they are now done, just a little bit of touching up to do tomorrow.  I also made a bale of towels using microfibre dusters wrapped in ribbon from my stash of bits n bobs.

Phew, so glad the chairs are nearly completed.  Tomorrow I am going to start working on a table that is plain wood.  It needs painting, sanding and then I need to make a tablecloth for it..... now that will be interesting judging by how my adventures with fabric have been so far lol.

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