Monday, 13 January 2014

That Monday Feelin

Unfortunately, I have been feeling wiped out all day so I am unable to show any mini progress so I thought that I would share one of my Tangkou dolls that I do not think I have shared yet.

But first, I am going to admit to being a little naughty... I am currently awaiting 3 dolls.  They are all on order and I am feeling a little impatient.  Details of the dolls are as follows;

  1. Tangkou Fairy
  2. Pullip Noir 2012 Regen
  3. Elsa who is a dollzone MSD
I am looking forward to them arriving and taking photos.

Now with that admitted, I am going to show one of my Tangkou dolls that I have not yet shown.  Today is the turn of the Tangkou doll, Chinese.

She seems more sophisticated than the others somehow.  I am presuming it is the clothing.

The one this I would say is that her hair is harder to keep looking nice than the others.  She does suffer with the same weakness at the others however, and that is that she can be quite difficult to pose realistically.  She is lovely though and I am glad to have purchased her.

The one positive point of Tangkou dolls is that they do seem to be good value for the money.  They are a lot cheaper than similar makes of doll on the market.  I am looking forward to when the others arrive so that I can start comparing the different makes.

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