Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fabric sorting

I spent today sorting out my fabric.  Over the years I have collected a wide variety of things that may be useful one day some of which I showed on previous posts.  Amongst my collected items is a wide variety of fabric.

When I went out with my parents a couple of days ago, I bought three small amounts of fabric that I thought I must have... unfortunately, when I got home, I realised I had plenty of other fabric still waiting for me to get round to using.  Some of the amounts run into 2 or three metres, whilst others are offcuts.

People who know me, understand what I am like.  The time has come however, for me to stop procrastinating and work on putting my plans into action.

My new fabrics were the ones with the flower patterns.  The patterns are small and perfect for either mini projects or clothing for dolls.

The fabric in this photograph is from a magazine that my friend started collecting and didnt complete any of the projects.  Again, the patterns look ideal for my project ideas.

The rest of my fabrics are all larger quantities and are mainly plain colours.  I have no proper storage due to space limits so they are mainly kept in bags.

Time for me to stop jumping around from project to project without completing anything and concentrate on one area for a while.


  1. so glad to see someone like me, I made the mistake of buying a new bed, the type you lift up and have loads of storage, you should see the fabric that is in there, if I used a bit every day for a year I still would not get through it, and then I go and buy more, its an addiction, maybe we should start a club," material stashes anonymous" by the way love your fabrics xx

  2. Yes we should start a 'material stashes anonymous' group :)
    Glad to see that I am not the only one.
    Sounds like you have a great idea for using the storage under your bed.
    Thank you.