Sunday, 12 January 2014

Putting in a few more touches

Today, I put in the few 24th pieces that I had remaining on the ground floor of the cottage.  Although I had a home for most of the pieces in the picture I posted yesterday, some of them are waiting for the bedroom to be sorted and possibly the attic.

I put the sweeper in the tall cupboard near the front of the photo and the tray on the table in front of the fireplace is waiting for me to find the perfect cup and toast slice to put on it and you can just see the plant on the top of the book shelf.

I also added a few bits to the sink so they can be washed as the lady of the house always seems to be busy at the kitchen table, I thought it only right that there be some washing up waiting to be done.

There is also a plate now at the table so that can plan to finally sit down to have something to eat.

I am getting more and more pleased with all the progress at least on this floor.  I am hoping to start thinking about the books but because there are so many to do and I seem to get easily distracted, I am also going start working on the first floor.

Here is the picture showing how it looks now.

As you can see, it is a bit of a mess but gives me plenty of scope for improvement.

The cat is currently on the bed but, as you can see, the bed is in desperate need of dressing and some of the furniture needs fixing.  I am lucky, I have two of some of the furniture such as the bed, so I am able to experiment without too much worry.

I am looking forward to making a start on all this but, of course, I am back at work after the Christmas break and so my time is a little more limited again.  Fingers crossed.

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