Friday, 24 January 2014

Fairy arrives

While I was at work today, Tangkou Fairy arrived.  I am relieved as my Pullip still appears to be missing in the system somewhere and there is no sign of Elsa.  I was beginning to be paranoid about none of them turning up and then my parcel arrived

She didnt look too pretty through the window of the box she came in.

But she is actually very photogenic.  She has a removable wig which looks and feels a lot better than the hair on the dolls I have previously bought.

And the blushing on the body looks good too.  Her wrists feels a little more difficult to pose but all in all she is lovely.  I will be making new clothes for her though.

She also has magnetic horns that I have not photographed yet.  I will take more pictures another day to show these.

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