Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Sorting Continues...

... leading to a lovely surprise.

I found some more items I had put away for my tower.

These were real sized objects just right for making look old, dusty and just right for minis.  They are on the larger size but ideal for effect in the tower.  I haven't decided on the exact position as there are still one or two more changes I need to make.

Some more of the metal and wooden bowls and plates that will be going in the main room.  The main thing now for the main room of the tower is to clutter and dusty it up.  Some more distressing will be needed and I still need to sort out the dresser, desk and hopefully a table to complete the overall effect.  Hopefully I will find something at the Miniatura when I go later this month.

Some more of the items to add to the 'clutter' of the main tower room.

Although I have had these items for a while, it felt like Christmas finding all the items and looking through them all.

And yet more clutter for the main room.  I know, I know, I may not end up being able to fit them all in but, all these things were picked up at the time with the tower in mind.

Finally, these will be filled, painted and messed with to add yet more effect to the tower.  I think some of it may end up as clutter in the top room.

But oooooh I love days like today.  Tomorrow I will post some pictures of some of these items in place.


  1. lots of clutter, its great fun when you look through your clutter and find so many interesting bits

  2. Yes it really is, I have been having a lot of fun sorting through everything. If only real life housework was this much fun :)