Monday, 25 March 2013

Fun, fun and more fun...

Well, even though the snow had me worried for a while, luckily the train service kept running and I made it to the Miniatura!

Wow, ok, well... I saw so much and there were so many talented people there.  I spent more than I thought but came away a very happy bunny indeed and totally spoiled myself and my daughter (who also spoiled herself with many minis).

I am not going to show all the photographs all at once because I would like to show what I have bought and where they are going to live and I am having to fit things in round real life.  When I first arrived back at home I just looked through all the items I had bought.

I decided that even though I still have not completed my other projects, I would start another one... but, this one had to be on a budget.  So I bought a shed.  I bought the kit from The Dolls House Builder.

I also bought some plain wood furniture for inside

 I bought the table from Jennifers of Walsall and I shall have to try and remember the name of the stall I bought the chair and unit from later.

I have been busy the last couple of days and here is how it is looking so far.
This is the shed with a basic coat (no glass in the window yet etc).  It may not look exciting yet but I have plans...
Here is the furniture stained but, as with the rest of the shed, in its basic form.  I need to make the furniture more shabby and add a cushion/padding to the chair.

I have lots left to do but, for tonight that is all as it is getting late and I have work tomorrow.

Cant wait till I can go again... although I think it will be next year at the earliest before I can afford it haha.


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