Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Impatiently Waiting

Well, not long now till the Miniatura this weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed the weather stays ok.  I have been a little concerned because they keep mentioning snow on the weather and that would make it difficult for travelling.  Oh my I am so impatient when waiting when I know I have such a lovely day ahead.  Impatience is not just for kids :)

I have been sorting out more mini items.  I have been surprised by just how much I have to sort through.  I am still feeling the excitement though.  
I love making bread with fimo, I find it so relaxing.  

These are my first attempts at making plates, bowls etc.  I think once they have been sanded, and possibly painted/varnished they will look ok and may be of use in a future project. 

The final picture for tonight is of eye shadow tins cleaned and ready to use as baking trays for maybe some cakes or buns.  I love the effect of using these for baked goods.

Does anyone else have stashes of useful mini items stored and ready to use?  How do you store them to keep them safe?  I would love to hear from people on this subject.


  1. Oh gosh you need to come and see my work room, I just had a sort out and I still have loads of boxes full of bits, it must be a mini thing. I put my in different boxes with labels on so when I am looking for something I hopefully know which box to look in, well that's the plan

    1. I second this, I like to call it mini hoarding..caps, strings, plastic pieces...tackle box of mini goodies ;)

  2. I would love to see your work room Debbie... I think I may have to use labels now. Over the last few months, I have managed to accumulate more and more things.

    Jane, I think mini hoarding is a very good name for it :)