Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shed Progress

I sorted out all the little items I had bought from the Miniatura for the shed.

All these were bought from Teepee Crafts.  I haven't used all these items yet, some need a bit of planning and extra gluing.

I must admit, next time I go to another fair, this is one of the stalls I would look for again for some of the small items.

I believe I bought these from Magsnificent Miniatures.  I know I bought a lot from this lady, she had so many lovely things some of the things I bought are going to live in the tower so I haven't taken a photo of them yet. I believe the garden sieve came from a different stall, apologies, I will find the name later... I am tutting at myself but there was so much to see and some of the items were not put in bags and I had to put things together so they didn't get lost.

And here is the shed so far...
I am finding difficult to add characters to my buildings.  I want there to be people in them to add a 'story' but, I haven't found the right ones yet.  I think when I see the right ones, I will know straight off.  I would like them to be handmade rather than mass produced because I think there is that something extra about items hand made that is just missing from mass produced pieces.

I bought the garden tools from a stall called Olde Charm Crafts.  They are lovely quality.  There are some in one of the drawers that you cannot see but, those who have read my blog before, know I like drawers and cupboards to be filled.

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