Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More To Do

I thought I would show a photo of my terrace and cottage exteriors.  I am hoping to start making the outsides look more authentic over the next few months.

I was thinking of plants and curtains but we will see, sometimes an idea comes along and it just feels right.  It happened when I was thinking about making changes to the kitchen cupboards and beds and I am waiting for the same this time.

And next, my market stall, waiting for stock still.  Last year I had plans to make it into a flea market stall but, I just cant decide for good so there it is still empty and waiting for inspiration and for me to make a decision I am happy with.


  1. Yes we have enough of ideas, sometimes it's hard to varieties of all these opportunities. Good luck.

  2. There are so many ideas it is definitely hard to pick the best one. I just keep changing my mind. Thank you Wyrna.