Friday, 23 March 2012

Bed progress

The last couple of days I have very slowly been making the first pillow and bottom sheet for the bed.  I am pleased to say that it all went smoothly.  I went for the slower method of hand sewing the items.  I dont know what it is but, there is something about hand sewing that I find relaxing.

The next part will be working on the main colour but, I am still undecided whether to embellish the bedding or just stick with the turnover to add more interest.  Of course, if I have time, other colours can be added by using items on the bed such as a cushion or nightie.  At the moment, I may just keep it simple and add details when more of the bedroom itself is completed.


  1. Nice job. I like realism in miniatures, your bed looks like you could sleep in it.

  2. very inviting...go the handsewing!

  3. I agree with you that hand sewing is very calming. There's also the feeling of satisfaction that you have really "made it yourself"
    The bed looks lovely so far.

  4. I'm not sure I have the patience for handsewing anymore - I started when I was four! The bed looks great.

    Jennifer B.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments. I have done a bit more and have finished the top pillow but, have come to a bit of a standstill trying to think how to achieve the look I want for the top covers. Hopefully I will have some more progress pictures soon :) I am going to stick with the handsewing though, I like the look of the seams on the sheets so far :)