Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Think I surprised the Postman

T oday I saw my postman arriving before he saw me.  He had a parcel in his hand and I knew what it was.  I threw the door open before he even arrived at the door.  What can I say? My inner child got the better of me.  He looked a little surpirsed but quickly recovered and smiled.
It was a parcel off Debbie at  as I won her giveaway.

Wow, there are so many items, all beautifully made.  I love them all and have decided where they are all going to live.  Thank you so much, I am one very lucky lady.

These gorgeous items are all going to live in my terrace house. Arent they beautiful?

These sweet pet items are all going in my  1/12 pet shop.  I dont think the photo does them justice.  I love them.  I am going to place them in their new home tomorrow and post pictures.  

How about these for more gorgeous pet items?  These items will also be living in my pet shop.  The dog coat is exquisite.  The attention to detail on it is wow.... Debbie, all I can say is, please let me know if you start selling the dog coat.  All the items are going to be loved for years to come.

Debbie also gave me these printies.  They are so lovely.  I have been truly spoiled in her giveaway and the time and attention she has given to all these many items is amazing.

Thank you so much Debbie.  The link to her blog is  
More photos will follow soon of all these wonderful items in their new homes.


  1. C'était un très beau giveaway, quel bonheur de recevoir autant de choses. Félicitations.

  2. so glad you like them, I will be making doggy packs up, which will include coats, beds ect, will let you know. still resting my leg, so frustrating not being able to do my minis, but the plus side is the dogs home is going to get some doggy blankets,x

  3. Thank you. :)

    Debbie, I hope your leg gets better soon. I love all the items they are great. :)

  4. Felicidades, que los disfrutes!!

  5. Espero que te recuperes pronto.
    Me encantan los regalos que has recibido, son fantasticos.
    besitos ascension

  6. Congratulations for these wonderful gifts. Enjoy!

  7. The gifts are wonderful- no wonder you were excited. I personally think my postman saves up packages for me instead of delivering every day - I'll order things a week apart, but then they'll come the same day!

    How is Cody doing?

  8. Lucky you, winning so many lovely items. Congratulations!!