Monday, 19 March 2012

Bed re-do

I had a first attempt not long ago at making a pillow and duvet for a bed.  While it turned out ok, it is not really what I want to use in my terrace house and the mattress material is not what I want either.  I have decided to start again. I am not sure if I have posted a picture of what the bed looked like so here it is (again if I have already posted a picture lol)

I took the mattress off the bed and removed the fabric, replacing it with a plain white material.  I prefer the plain mattress and am now trying to decide what to make next.

I prefer the look of sheets on a bed but, with the terrace being more modern, I should really be looking at making another duvet... decisions, decisions.  I am going to make a bottom sheet and a pillow in white and then decide from there what to do.


  1. I only make a bottom sheet for the beds. What colors are your favoring?

  2. Hi Jazzi, I have been looking through my fabric stash and I am thinking of using some plain green material that matched some green flecks in the wallpaper and then use either white ribbon for embelishing or using the sheet turned over to add a bit more colour to the bedding.