Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pet Shop progress

I have been sorting out the ground floor of the pet shop today.  First I emptied out all the items that were already in there and then I placed the items from Debbies giveaway.

Next, I added items that I had made/bought over the last few months.  I have so slow making progress with my shop.  I still intend to buy new shelving so these are temporary homes till I have saved up and found the kind of shelving that I am happy with.  I have bought on impulse before and always end up regretting it because it wasnt quite what I had hoped.

I am feeling like I have a lot more motivation now and am looking forward to putting more planning into it and making yet more books lol.


  1. Hi it lovely to see my miniatures in your shop,
    glad you have your mojo back.

  2. The shelves look alright to me. Once you fill them, they'll look even better. Debbies miniatures look wonderful in your shop.

  3. Te está quedando genial!!

  4. Thank you :D I am looking forward to making more mini pet items tomorrow.

    Debbie, they really do look good in the shop, they are just perfect for it.

    I really must get on with thinking of a good name for it soon, I keep changing my mind and am hoping that a name will come to me as I work on it.

  5. It's really easy to make your own shelving. Really! All you need is some basswood, a metal ruler,a utility knife and some tacky or wood glue.
    Try it, you'll like it! :D

  6. Love the pet shop so far.
    I've also done a pet related project, it is on my blog back in Sept 2011 if you fancy having a look ;).

  7. I really like your pet shop :-)